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Pioneer Sports Floors
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Installers of maple and synthetic sports surfaces for basketball, volleyball, athletic and recreational facilities
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The Pioneer Sport-Flex Air System is constructed of Northern Hard Maple slats engineered with built-in foam expansion joints which prevent buckling and gapping due to extreme changes in relative humidity. This flexible system may be glued down to a synthetic floor, concrete slab or plywood subfloor. Because of the edge grain material used, this system is extremely durable.


A. Adhesive
  • 1. Adhesive shall be Pioneer elastomeric.
B. Subfloor
  • 1. Pads shall be 3/4" hemispherically designed rubber pads or 3/8" X 2 1/4" X 3" flat resilient pads. Resilient foam shall be 1/4" multicellular linear linked closed cell polyethylene foam, (Density PCF 2.0 nominal).
C. Fasteners
  • 1. Nails: 7/8" epoxy coated staples or power cleats.
  • 2. Adhesives: Construction adhesive shall be by Pioneer Sport Floors
D. Flooring
  • 1. Flooring shall be Pioneer Sport-Flex Air, 5/16", 7/16" or 11/16". It shall be square edge, kiln dried, edge grain Northern Hard Maple. Slats to be furnished in panels 12 1/4" X 12". The pattern shall be linear.
  • 2. Grading shall be Second & Better or Third & Better Grade parquet, in accordance with NOFMA, CLA and National Hardwood Floor Association grading standards.
E. Expansion Voids
  • 1. Wall base shall be 4" x 3" heavy duty rubber cove base with premolded outside corners.
  • 2. Aluminum thresholds shall be 3/16" x 6", beveled both sides, Mill finish.
F. Finish
  • 1. Finish shall be polyurethane or water based gym seal and finish.

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