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Installers of maple and synthetic sports surfaces for basketball, volleyball, athletic and recreational facilities
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Pioneer Cross-Aire Flow Floor System is a high quality floating floor system, the only one we manufacture which features special subflooring, permitting a criss-cross air flow. Dead spots are reduced because the solid sub-flooring creates uniformity throughout the system. The Cross-Aire Flow System provides maximum ventilation and is an ideal replacement for worn out padded sleepers due to its like thickness. It is an excellent replacement for existing synthetic floors as well. This system assures you of excellent resiliency. It features a closed cell foam underlayment providing a vapor barrier that shuts off water transmitted from a concrete slab.


A. Moisture Protection
  • 1. Vaporproofing shall consist of 1/4" to 3/4" multicel-lular, linear linked, closed cell polyethylene foam, density PCF 2.0 nominal.
B. Subfloor
  • 1. Subfloor shall be 1" x 6", or 1" x 4" Spruce or Fir, or Pine (SPF), S2S nominal by random length, sub floor grade.
C. Flooring
  • 1. Flooring shall be Mixed Grain, TGEM, KN Northern Hard Maple, either 25/32" x 1/2" or 2 1/4".
  • 2. Grading shall be First Grade, Second & Better or Third & Better Grade, in accordance with NOFMA, CLA and National Hardwood Floor Association grading standards.
D. Fasteners
  • 1. Fasteners shall be 2" epoxy coated staples or 2" barbed cleats.
E. Expansion Voids
  • 1. Wall base shall be 4" x 3" heavy duty molded, vented cove base with premolded outside corners.
  • 2. Aluminum thresholds shall be 3/16" x 6", beveled both sides, Mill finish.
F. Finish
  • 1. Finish shall be polyurethane or water based gym seal and finish.

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